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Everything is worth a shot

So sad to see such a great community be so quite. But I will give it a shot anyways.

*name: Kathryn but I prefer Katie
*age: 21
*loc: Placentia, CA
*music: The great Bobby Darin, Frank Sinatra, Benny Goodman, Dean Martin, Big Bad VooDoo Daddy, Squirrel Nut Zippers, Reel Big Fish, No Doubt, Silverchair, The Beatles, and the Gipsy Kings.
*movies: San Fransisco, The Notebook, Equillibrium, Bathing Beauty, The Rocketeer, Alice in Wonderland, and any old time movie that is on TCM.
*idols: Style Idol would have to be the beautiful Audrey Hepburn or Judy Garland. Makeup Idol would be Kevin Aucion.
*quote: "Criticism is optimism, while silence is pessimistic"
*who’s your hero and why, post a pic if available: My grandmother. She is such a stronge person and has lived through so much. She is the smartest person I know with the least amount of education. Her whole being brings joy to my life. Gosh I love old people. (Sorry to regret I do not have a photo of her available.)
*what makes you special and/or classy?: I still believe that there are people out there that will open a door for a lady or help you when you drop some papers on the floor. I try to look at everything the best way possible and handle everything with grace, elegance, and tolerance. I never forget that at the most stressful times in your life you have to stop, look at what your doing or how your acting, and laugh.
*tell us something about yourself: I just recently started swing dancing. I believe I'm pretty bad but I can only get better from here.
*now post 2 photos of yourself:
I'm on the left

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