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name: Aimee
*age: 19
*loc: palos verdes, california
*music:anything from the andrew sisters to hardcore.....wayyy to many bands in between to list..i'm in love with all music..anything that makes me happy is the way to go
*movies:heres another one that i have a wide variety of taste in...i like classic films......with good actors....anywhere from romance to kill bill
*idols:hmm..that is a good question...i suppose it would be marilyn monroe just because of her style and pure beauty
*quote: life is like a box of chocolates..haha (no idea..i can't think of anything else)
*who’s your hero and why, post a pic if available: i dont think i have a hero
*what makes you special?: i'm left handed, caring, i love my friends and family...i accept people for who they are and would never try to change anything about any of my friends..
*tell us something about yourself: i guess just refer to the question above

(i'm on the right)
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