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*name: Sydney
*age: 17
*loc: Ventura, CA
*music: Suburban Legends, The Return, Army of Freshmen, My Chemical Romance, Reel Big Fish, Taking Back Sunday, Amber Pacific, Starpool, Big D and the Kids Table, Forces of Evil, Littlest Man Band, I Voted For Kodos, Disney songs and many many many more bands
*movies: Heathers, BASEketball, pretty much EVERY Disney movie, Guys and Dolls, The Craft, A Streetcar Named Desire, Mean Girls, Clerks...
*idols: WINONA RYDER, Jennifur Brandt, Chris Farley, Cheri Oteri, the woman that played Sister Sarah in Guys and Dolls (I forgot her name, arg), Kevin Smith, and all my friends (espeically my best friend Amber)
*quote: "Good times last forever, I'll keep my heart with yours for every minute I am gone"
*who’s your hero and why, post a pic if available: I'd have to say that my hero is Winona Ryder. Ever since I saw Heathers I've been in love with her. She is an amazing actress and has such versatility. She has been through so much and has succeeded in keeping her dignity, other than one little incident in which I think she is innocent. She is just amazing and gorgeous and so talented.
*what makes you special and/or classy?: I do not let others tell me how I should live. I live by my own standards, which is very hard when you are a pro-choice advocate and a gay-rights advocate and go to a Catholic school. I stand up for what believe in and recently have been getting lots of flack for it. I treasure my friends more than anything adn would do anything for them also.
*tell us something about yourself: I am an aspiring actress (surprise, lol) and my hope is to attend USC next fall. I recently spent a month there and had the best time of my life.
*now post 2 photos of yourself:

hooters shirt was a joke with my USC friends, lol

this is my friend Jessica and I before our "Blast From the Past" dance at USC

sorry about only USC pics, its all i can seem to find right now :(
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