.::.Danielle.::. (xsleepwalker) wrote in the_goodlife_lj,

*name: Danielle
*age: 16
*loc: Illinois
*music: Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland, Katy Rose, Dean Martin, Ben Kweller, Herman's Hermits, Jamie Cullum, etc.
*movies: The Notebook, Breakfast At Tiffany's, Ocean's Eleven
*idols: My mom
*quote: "Dream as if you'll live forever, and live as if you'll die tomorrow" - James Dean
*who’s your hero and why, post a pic if available: I don't really have one, I guess my mom would be. Because she just divorced from my dad. And she's really independant and stuff.
*what makes you special and/or classy?: I'm just myself, and I don't care what everyone else thinks of me. If they don't like me then that's not my fault
*tell us something about yourself: I have a pin that says "It's Sinatra's world, we just live in it" and it has a picture of Sinatra. It's my favorite. Here's a picture of it. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v23/idolizednothing/pictures.jpg
*now post 2 photos of yourself:

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